CNC vertical honing machine with double spindles

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Category: Honing machines

Dia: 4-50mm

Stroke: 350mm

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Machine Parameters

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1 Model JYHM4250-2-2
2 Honing diameter range Φ4-50mm
3 Stroke length 350mm
4 Max reciprocating speed 25m/min, adjustable
5 Stroke control mode Servo motor
6 Spindle motor Frequency Inverter /servo
7 The method of honing head expanding Quantitative / constant pressure
8 Mini feeding amount of honing head 0.1 um
9 Motor speed range 80-1500 r/min
10 The spindle number 2  pcs
11 The workpiece station number 2  pcs
12 Machine measure (L*W*H) 1880*1660*3000mm
13 Machine weight 4.0 Tons
14 Power supply 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase

Machine Description

This machine is designed for some small holes workpiece, we could use expand honing head and single pass tools for different workpieces.

This machine is CNC control, could get good processing control for customers.

Double spindles with double custom workpiece fixture stations for customers to make processing faster than one spindle. The double spindles can work separately, we can use one spindle to rough and finishing , also could use one spindle for rough , another one for finishing. 

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CNC vertical honing machine with double spindles 1

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