How many processing ways are in bores? —Honing Machines

Honing machine is a special machine for processing bores, from 1mm to 1200mm diameters; has long stroke motion , up to more than 10000mm. Honing machines have manual and CNC control. If we just do some repairing working, just choose manual machines and portable honing tools. But we also supply CNC honing machines for industrial processing.

Honing machine would use honing tools to cut and polishing bores. Could get very precision size and fine roughness in different material and types of holes. Sizes could be in 1um, and the roughness could be in 0.1Ra.

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Honing machines have many types, for different working. If small honing work, repairing working, we could choose manual machines or portable tools.

In mass production, we would recommend semi-auto, auto honing machines. Now many CNC honing machines are widely used in different productions.

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One type honing is the machine use expansion honing head, in working, could control machine feed, to make honing stones up, keep cutting working. The main part of honing tool is honing head, and there are many types honing heads for different holes, so we would choose different honing heads as bores types. Another main part of honing tools is honing stones. Honing stones are made of different abrasive, grit and hardness as workpieces and final finishing. Every honing stones must match own honing heads, so that could get good working. 

Another type honing is the machine use diamond or CBN plated sleeve bars, this type honing machines have several spindles, automatic working, achieve a good mass production speed and very precision working , and make all workpieces in good consistency.

Honing tools are consumibles, so would buy new honing tools after a production, so we would supply honing tools as materials and holes to different brands honing machines.

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