Con-rod bushing boring machine

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Diameter Range: Φ16-Φ100/Φ16-Φ130
Work table travel: 240mm
Distance of rod hole center: 110-420/110-435
Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, customized
After-selling service: Video support and one year warranty

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The con-rod bushing boring machine is used for boring hole (rod bushing and copper bushing) of engine. The machine can be also used for fine repairing-boring base hole of rod bushing.

Con-rod would have rust, be not roundness in long using. So we would need con-rod boring machine to boring rust, and make holes roundness, with good roughness.

Our con-rod bushing boring machine is designed for con-rod repairing working. The boring machine have a fixture for co-rod structure, to make workpiece fixed. There are some measures to help operator to adjust machine and cutters. So operator adjust well machine and tools, then start boring processing. Every machine would have a lamp to help operator watching processing well.

This type con-rod boring machine have easy operation way, could make people to get very good finishing.

Con-rod bushing boring machine2
Con-rod bushing boring machine3
Con-rod bushing boring machine4
Con-rod bushing boring machine5

Structure Charaters

1. The feeding system of the tools has two ways: manual and automatic, which can improve the work efficiency.
2. The auto-feeding system adopts stepless adjusting, suits for processing different size and materials of con-rod bushing.
3. It equips with complete accessories, convenient for processing different size of the rods.
4. All boring tools are buy separately, based on different sizes.
5. This machine have a small body, suit homework, don't need very big workshop.

Items T8213 T8213D
Diameter Range(mm) Φ16-Φ100 Φ16-Φ130
Work table travel(mm) 240
Feed speed 0-320mm, stepless
Distance of rod hole center(mm) 110-420 110-435
Boring tools Based on workpiece, buy separately
Power supply 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, customized
Motor power (mm) 0.65/0.85KW
Spindle speed 350 , 520, 820, 1120 RPM
Measure(mm) L*W*H 1400*750*1700
Package Wooden box
After-selling service Video support and one year warranty 
Cutter adjusting meter1

adjusting meter

Centering meter


Expansible core shaft and adjusting flake

Expansible core shaft
and adjusting flake

Boring bars

Boring bars

Special cutter

Special cutter 

Rest of cutter adjusting

Rest of cutter adjusting



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