Semi-automatic horizontal honing machine with good quality

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Good honing tools

Precision accuracy

Easy to maintain

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This honing machine could hone small holes in mass production. Widely used in coupled parts of diesel (oil pump nozzles), such as oil outlet valves, plunger sleeves, nozzles, shift forks, roller bodies, pistons, etc.; inner hole honing of various sewing machine small parts such as connecting rods, rocker arms, copper bushings, etc.; pneumatic Small cylinders, pistons, blind hole cylinders, etc. in the tool industry; various motorcycle gears, cylinder blocks, connecting rods, bushings, etc. Valve sleeves and valve bodies in the hydraulic industry; wind instruments; high-precision honing of inner holes of military parts; cylinder blocks and small connecting rods of agricultural machinery and garden machinery; inner holes of various small gears; mold guide sleeves, sliding sleeves, etc.; ceramic bearings , Honing processing of various ceramic inner holes; graphite mold inner hole; tungsten steel mold inner hole; bearing inner hole.

Machine Parameters

Model H-1800 H-1805
Processing dia range Φ2.5-Φ60mm Φ2.5-Φ100mm
Maxi processing length up to 250mm up to 300mm
Maxi stroke length 160mm 160mm
Spindle speed 200-2500 rpm,

stepless adjustment


200-2500 rpm,

stepless adjustment


Spindle power  1.5KW  2.2KW
Stroke speed 80-310rpm,

stepless adjustment


stepless adjustment

Stroke motor power 0.75KW 1.5 KW
Oil pump motor 0.125KW 0.125KW
Inverter motor:


supplied by Joint ventures

1.5Kw,0.75Kw Inverters are Taida brand, other important electric elements are Schneider

Machine bears are SKF & NSK & Japanese IKO


Oil tank volume


65 L


65 L


Machine weight 580 KG 580 KG
Machine measure 1350*1250*1480mm
Power supply 380V  50Hz  3Ph
Machine tools Honing tools & honing oil
Technology support Online support, or local service
Custom service Yes, check as requirement

Machine Feature

★ Machine structure is mechanical ,make the machine stable quality,easy to maintain

★ Workpiece fixture is simple structure to supply good capacity.

★ Spindle and stroke use inverters to control, have good precision.

★ Stronge dual guide rails support to supply parallel stroke moving.Make machine have long lifetime.

★ The machine have mechanical Zero stop---set finished size , when size is the set size ,machine would stop working.

★ Time honing ----set time , time go off ,machine stop.

★ With several steps with honing tools, could get 0.001mm roundness,straightness would be 0.001mm,Size accuracy could be in 0.005mm

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