High precision CNC Profile grinder machine

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Auto CNC camera grinding machine

Widely use in cutters productions

High precision grinding machine

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We are the manufacturer of this type grinder in China. In 2011 our team make this machine successful and widely used in China market.  After more than ten years of development, the technology has been very mature, and has been far ahead in the field of domestic optical curve grinders, involving metal stamping, roll extrusion molding, CNC tools Processing and other industries.

High-definition projection: magnify the workpiece to 20 or 50 times for grinding, the minimum thickness of the grinding wheel is 0.05mm, the minimum cutting amount can reach 0.1 micron, and the error is ±1 micron, which can realize 2D complex contour processing with or without penetration



Imported CNC system, servo drive, higher precision and more stable Machinable special-shaped surface groove High wear resistance, high rigidity, high stability Processing accuracy can reach 0.001mm The Ra value of the processed surface can reach 0.1μm The minimum processing R angle is R0.03mm, and the minimum cleaning angle is R0.02mm XYUV four-axis linkage, multi-stage processing, greatly improving work efficiency The four-axis movement is silent, the machine tool runs without vibration, and the operation is more comfortable It can grind various materials including super cemented carbide, tungsten steel, white steel, ceramics, plastics, etc. LED lighting, reduce lamp consumption

Technical Parameters 

1. Projection magnification within 0.002mm, with back projection

2. The moving stroke of the worktable is 200mm, and the pulling number is 0.001mm

3. The stroke of the grinding wheel lifting shaft is 160mm

4. The drop angle of the nose is 10°

5. Left and right swing angle 20°

6. Projection height 200mm 9. Spindle speed 30,000, 10,000 rpm silent 10. Workbench lifting stroke 200mm

7. One cooling cycle machine, one dust-free vacuum cleaner, one transformer.


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