Opposite dual-spindle turning centers( Machining cutting production line)

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Auto CNC lathe production line

Smart online lathe producing

Auto robot arm moving control

Widely used in rods workpieces

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MW series double-spindle double-turret turn-milling compound processing lathe is equipped with a door-type mechanical arm. This product has double-spindle, double-turret, double C-axis, double Y-axis, 8-axis control, 2 sets of 4-axis linkage, closed-loop control, Both turrets are turn-milling compound servo tool holders with drilling and milling tools, and the dual spindles are built-in servo motorized spindles, and the closed-loop control of the high-precision feedback components realizes the high-precision indexing of the two C axes , the resolution of the two spindles is 0.001 degrees, the dual spindles can be continuously indexed and positioned at any index, and can realize flying car feeding and feeding in the process of parts processing, and complete turning and indexing eccentric drilling of complex rotary parts with one feeding Cutting, positioning milling, rotary milling, and all processing procedures of high-speed slotting, to realize the processing of all processes in the sense of complete parts, that is, the workpiece can complete all or most of the processes on one machine tool. It first clamps the workpiece on the first spindle to complete the combined turning and milling processing, and the manipulator automatically transfers the workpiece to the second spindle for the second turning and milling combined processing. One machine tool realizes the processing process of two machine tools, with high processing accuracy and high efficiency. high. The machine tool can be widely used in aerospace, automobile, ship, power generation equipment, engineering equipment, hardware valves, precision molds, military industry and other industries. A high-rigidity and heat-friendly bed structure is specially designed for it, and the shock-absorbing capacity of turning is increased. Both turrets are equipped with 12-station tool holders, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

Technical Parameters

NO Items Description
1 Maxi distance of spindle ends 735mm
2 Mini distance of spindle ends 210mm
3 Maxi diameter of rods materials Φ52mm
4 Maxi diameter of plates materials Φ160mm
5 X1/ X2 axes stroke 160/135mm
6 X1/ X2 axes fast feeding 24/24m/min
7 Z1 /Z2 /B strokes 503/ 503/ 525 mm
8 Z1 /Z2 fast feeding 24/24m/min
9 Spindle Maxi speed 6000 rpm
10 Spindle motor power LR 7.5/7.5
11 Spindle hole diameter Φ56mm
12 Spindle center height 1100mm
13 Spindle nose size JIS A2-5
14 Cutter Model (up and down) 12 stations Turret
15 Up turret Y axes stroke ±135 (customize option)
16 Outer diameter cutters 25*25mm
17 Boring bars Φ40mm
18 X/Z axes serve motor power 1.8 /1.8 KW
19 X/Z axes serve motor rotation 3000/3000 rpm
20 Coolant tank volume 150 L
21 Measure (L*W*H) without waste separator 2100*1550*2440

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