Hot sale Chinese EDM threading machine

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Working table: 330x480mm
Working table travel: 200×300~300×400
Spindle head travel: 280/380mm
Electrodo diameter: 0.3~4.0~0.3~6.0
Coolant: water
Supply power: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase, customized

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Our EDM machine has a strong structure, sold to many countries, our good quality have achieved many customers. This EDM threading machine has three-axis digital display, controlled deep processing; high-speed and low-speed one-button operation (just select the diameter of the corresponding electrode wire) and One-piece pump, rotating head alloy seal, durable and long life.

Hot sale Chinese EDM threading machine2

◆ Processed diameter from Φ0.3 to Φ3.0mm, and the maximum depth-to-diameter ratio can reach more than 300:1.
◆ The processing speed can reach 5~40mm per minute, the servo stroke is 300, and it can use ultra-long electrode tubes and chemical-saving electrode tubes. 15%.
◆ It can process various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum, etc.
◆ Can penetrate directly from inclined and curved surfaces.
◆ Servo lifting adopts double linear guide rails and electric lifting to ensure the processing accuracy and speed of the product.
◆ The spindle adopts dual-speed control mode, which makes the retreat speed twice as fast as the processing speed. Efficient and stable electrode.
◆ The fixed processing bed is equipped with a water pump pressure observation window, which makes it more convenient and simple to observe and adjust the pressure of the water pump.
◆ The X and Y axis of the worktable are equipped with grating digital display for precise operation.


  ZNC703-2030 ZNC703-3040 DK703 DK703D DD703 DD703Z
Working table(mm) 330x480 330x480 330x480 330x480
Working table travel (mm) 200x300 300x400 200x300 300x400
Spindle head travel(mm) 280 380 280 380
Servo travel(mm) 300 400 300   370  
Electrodo diameter(mm) 0.3~4.0 0.3~3.0 0.3~6.0 0.3~3.0 0.3~6.0
Max processing speed(mm/min) 40
Max dep-dia ratio 300:1
Coolant water
Working pressure(Mpa) 7
Max processing current(A) 30
Max power consumption (KVA) 3
Control way Z axis digital Z axis digital Z axis auto Z axis auto
Digital display method Three axises Three axises Two axises digital , customized with three axises
Supply power 380v, 50hz, 3 phase, customized 

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