Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine

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Max drill diameter: 32-100mm
Distance from spindle center line to column bus bar: 260-1100mm~750-2500mm
Working table: 500x630mm~800x1250mm
Horizontal movable distance of spindle box: 1000mm~2580mm
Power supply: AC 380V, 50 HZ, 3P(5 wires). Customized.

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Hydraulic radial drilling machines are made of high-strength cast iron and steel. The strong structure are verified by many running in different fields, with complete safety protection devices to protect operators.

A hydraulic preselected variable speed mechanism of radial drilling machines saves auxiliary time.

Spindle of drill machine can turn clockwise and counterclockwise. The drill machine can stop, change speeds and neutral gear. A hand shift brings easy control.

Hydraulic radial drilling machines adopt driven hydraulically clamping mechanism of diamond block in spindle box,radial arm and columns. Which are convenient, reliable and stable. The 22-grade spindle speed and feed can achieve economical and efficient cutting ratio with optional parameter set.

Radial drilling machines use tempering treatment in guide ways, outer cylindrical surface, spindle, spindle sleeve and columns to achieve steady accuracy of machine in long service life time.

Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine3
Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine4


Items Z3032 Z3040 Z3050 Z3063 Z3080 Z30100
Max drill diameter (mm) Carbon Steel: 32
Cast Iron: 40
Carbon Steel: 40 Cast Iron: 50 Carbon Steel: 50 Cast Iron: 68 Carbon Steel: 63 Cast Iron: 80 Carbon Steel: 80 Cast Iron: 95 Carbon Steel: 100 Cast Iron: 110
Distance from spindle center line to column bus bar(mm) 350-1000 350-1250 260-1600 450-2000 480-2500 480-3150
Distance from spindle end face to base working face(mm) 260-1100 260-1250 350-1250 220-1400 350-1600 750-2500
Spindle stroke(mm) Manual: 300, machine: 280 Manual: 300, machine: 280 Manual: 315, machine: 315 Manual: 400, machine: 400 Manual: 410, machine: 400 Manual: 500, machine: 500
Spindle taper (Mohs) 4# 4# 5# 6# 6# 6#
Spindle speed (r/min) 25-1600 25-2000 25-2000 16-1600 16-1600 8-1000
Spindle speed grade 12 16 16 16 16 16
Feed of Spindle(mm/r) 0.1-0.25 0.1-0.25 0.04-3.20 0.04-3.20 0.04-3.30 0.04-3.20
Feed grade


Working table(mm)


630x800 800x1000 800x1250
Horizontal movable distance of spindle box(mm) 1000 1000 1600 2000 2500 2580
Spindle motor power(KW) 3 3 4 5.5 7.5 15
Weight(KG) 1500 1600 3500 6500 11800 20000
Measure(mm LxWxH) 1900x1070x2400(LxWxH) 2150x1070x2400 2500x1070x2800 3000x1250x3300 3500x1450x3300 4780x1650x4720
Working temperature

Less than 75℃,avoid direct sunlight

Relative humidity


Power supply

AC 380V, 50 HZ,  3P(5 wires). Customized.

Keep machine away from excessive dust and corrosive gases.

Constant temperature workroom benefit long lifetime.

Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine6

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