Lithium battery pistol drill

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OEM/ODM pistol drill manufacturers
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Power: lithium battery
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OEMODM pistol drill manufacturers

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An electric drill is a drilling tool powered by an AC power source or a DC battery, and is a kind of hand-held power tool. Hand drill is the most sold product in the power tool industry. It is widely used in construction, decoration, pan-furniture and other industries to make holes or pierce through objects. In some industries, it is also called electric hammer. The main components of a hand electric drill: drill chuck, output shaft, gear, rotor, stator, casing, switch and cable. Electric hand drill (pistol drill)-a tool used to drill holes in metal materials, wood, plastics, etc. It can be used as an electric screwdriver when equipped with a forward and reverse switch and an electronic speed control device. Some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can work normally without an external power supply for a certain period of time.

Twist drill bits---most suitable for iron, aluminum alloy and other materials. It can also be used to beat wooden materials, but the positioning is not accurate and easy to beat. Hole opener---Suitable for making holes on iron and wood materials. Wood drill bits---specially used to beat wooden materials. With a positioning rod for precise positioning. Glass drill bit---Suitable for drilling holes in glass.

Important parameters

1. Maximum drilling diameter
2. Rated power
3. Positive and negative
4. Electronic speed regulation
5. Diameter of chuck
6. Rated impact rate
7. Maximum torque
8. Drilling capacity (steel/wood)

Safe operating procedures

1. The shell of the electric drill must be grounded or connected to the neutral wire for protection.
2. The wire of the electric drill should be well protected. It is strictly forbidden to drag the wire to prevent it from being damaged or cut.
3. Do not wear gloves, jewelry and other items during use, to prevent getting involved in the equipment to cause injury to your hands, wear rubber shoes; when working in a damp place, you must stand on a rubber pad or dry wooden board to prevent electric shock.
4. When electric drill leakage, vibration, high heat or abnormal sound is found during use, stop work immediately and ask an electrician for inspection and repair.
5. When the electric drill does not completely stop the rotation of L, the drill bit cannot be removed or replaced.
6. The power supply should be cut off immediately when taking a rest or leaving the work place after a power failure.
7. It cannot be used to drill concrete and brick walls. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause the motor to overload and burn the motor. The key lies in the lack of an impact mechanism in the motor, and the bearing capacity is small.

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