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Boring machine mainly uses a boring tool to boring the existing pre-made holes of the workpiece. The pre-made holes are made by drilling machines or lathes. Generally, the rotation of the boring tool is the main motion, and the movement of the boring tool or the workpiece is the feed motion. It is mainly used to process high-precision holes or finish machining of multiple holes at a time. In addition, it can also be engaged in the processing of other machining surfaces related to hole finishing. Different tools and accessories can also be used for drilling, milling, and cutting. The machining accuracy and surface quality are higher than those of the drilling machine. Boring machine is the main equipment for processing large box parts. Thread and machining outer circle and end face, etc.

Boring machines have vertical type and horizontal type. Boring machines use spindle rotation and stroke movement with boring tools to cut workpieces. Boring processing would get a good finishing in diameter, straight, taper, cylinder and finishing roughness.

Boring machines are mainly for hole processing, the boring accuracy can reach IT7, and the surface roughness Ra value is 1.6-0.8um.

Vertical boring machines boring some small workpieces and holes, the vertical boring machine would have a good straight, roundness in finishing. So we often use vertical boring machine boring engines.

Horizontal boring machines boring big workpieces, like some deep holes parts. Some boring machines can boring the holes which are more than 10m.

So we must choose the right boring machines for different boring processing.

If get very precision sizes, we can use some good control system to tracking boring processing.

Now we also can design some special boring machines for some workpieces, and design one CNC boring production line to get mass production, and save labor cost.

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