How many processing ways are in bores? —Drilling Machines

There are many different bores, people would use drilling, boring, lapping, honing, lathing and etc.
Drilling Processing.
Drilling is very normal way to bores. Drilling machine use drilling tools to make holes in different material. For different material would use different drill tools to drill.
There are many drilling machines to choose. We could find the normal manual drilling machines with simple structures, with easy operation, people could use this drill machine in many fields. All vertical drilling machines have similar structure, there are strong columns to support drill head, one unmovable or movable working table with fixture to hold workpieces.
Operators could use the handle to control machine working.
There are some heavy radial drilling machines for heavy industry processing. To get more than 100mm diameters holes.

How many processing ways are in bores1
How many processing ways are in bores2

Now many smart, computer control drilling machines are made by some manufacturers. We call them CNC drilling machines.
They have good smart control system, to control machine drill, and keeping watching drill processing to show operators in screen. Beside of CNC drilling machines have normal drilling function, different CNC drilling machine would add extra functions, like, tapping, milling...
Now China develop industrial upgrading, the CNC drilling machine have more functions, and for mass production, many machines can be auto production line, could work long time, and one people could operate many machines at one time.

How many processing ways are in bores3

Making bores are in many fields, so there are many special drilling machines for different fields. For small bores and workpieces, could choose that portable tools and small ones. For flange, could choose flange drilling machines. For big workpieces, could choose gantry drilling machines. 

How many processing ways are in bores5
How many processing ways are in bores
How many processing ways are in bores6

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