High Precision CNC Swiss CNC Grinding Machine for Grinding Carbide Rods

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Micrometer Processing Accuracy

CNC Automatic Processing

For hard raw materials to Precision mid-finished rods.

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This Swiss CNC grinding machine is designed as professional manufacturer who is top manufacturer of this swiss griinding machine in China. This Swiss grinding machines are sold to many enterprise. The Swiss grinding machine is designed for the processing of precision machine tools, to achieve very precision accuracy rods. Also this grinding machine can get many different shapes rods .

The control system is smart to process, and have a online tracking in touch screen. The machine keep high precision to micrometer.

1. Available material: hard raw material, like high-speed steel, carbide rod....

2. Workpiece grinding method: Swiss type grinding, the angle of the rough grinding wheel is 11°, the fine grinding wheel is 90°.

3. Processing : The robot arm automatically feeds and receives the material, and the feed is completed at one time.

4. Grinding time: for Φ4 raw material to finished forming, the grinding time is about 65 seconds per piece, and the speed ,and the speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

5. The available grinding diameters : 0.05 - 20.0mm.

6. Length of grinding workpiece: up to 200mm.

7. Rotation way of working head spindle: fixed

8. Working head spindle speed: 0 -- 2000rpm

Finished goods as following

NO Items Des
  H3 grinding machine  
1 Clamping workpiece dia range 0.5-20mm
2 Cutting workpiece dia range 0.05-20mm
3 Clamping/Cutting workpiece length 300/200mm
4 Control system ANCA---X/Y/Z/Z’
5 Workpiece feeder system(CNC-3 axis) ANCA---U/V/W
6 Rough


Grinding wheel size(OD *W  * ID) 250×20×31.75
7 Grinding wheel speed (electric spindle) 0~9000 rpm
8 Grinding wheel line speed 90 m/s
9 Grinding wheel spindle motor 20 KW
10 Fine grinding Grinding wheel size(OD *W  * ID) 150×20×31.75
11   Grinding wheel speed (electric spindle) 0~12000 rpm
12   Grinding wheel line speed 90 m/s
13   Grinding wheel spindle motor 5 KW
14 X/Y/Z/Z’ axis feeding unit 0.001mm
15 X axis moving length (rough grinding wheel axis) 73mm
16 Y axis moving length (fine grinding wheel axis) 40mm
17 Z axis moving ( working head) 374mm
18 Z’ axis moving ( the guide of Z axis  ) 52mm
19 X/Y/Z/Z’ axis servo motors 2.0 KW
20 Working head table motor 1.0 KW
21 Working head spindle speed 0-3000 rpm
22 High pressure oil pump 0.25 KW
23 Working head spindle rotate way fixed
24 Length position way Front positioning
25 Robot arm U/V/W axis servo motor 1.0KW
26 Cutting liquid tank 300*300*1000mm
27 Gross weight 5000 KG
28 Dimension 2390*2752*2050mm

Main Structures of Swiss Grinding Machine

Three jaw chuck, Selective assembly.3 Marble . Selective assembly.4
Workpiece clamping5 online position measure system6
Grinding wheel dressing system7 Grinding slurry separator8
Robort9 Workpiece tray10
Loading & unloading system11  Auto service12

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