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Service: OEM/ ODM

Feature: lubricity, chemical stability, high temperature resistance…

Goods: Graphite rings,Graphite Crucible,Graphite rope,Graphite soft felt

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Graphite is one of the crystalline minerals of carbon element. It has excellent properties such as lubricity, chemical stability, high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, special thermal conductivity, plasticity and coatability, and its application fields are very wide.

Graphite is mainly used as a refractory material in the metallurgical industry, as a mold and an anti-rust coating in the foundry industry; in the electrical industry, it is used to produce carbon electrodes, electrode carbon rods, batteries, and the graphite emulsion made can be used as a TV set Picture tube coatings, supported carbon products can be used in generators, motors, communication equipment and many other aspects; in the machinery industry as a lubricant for aircraft, ships, trains and other running machinery; in the chemical industry for the manufacture of various anti- Corrosion utensils and equipment; used as moderators and protective coatings for atomic reactors in the nuclear industry; in the aerospace industry, it can be used as rocket engine tail nozzle throat lining, rocket, missile heat insulation, heat-resistant materials and artificial satellites. Radio connects signals and conductive structural materials. In addition, graphite powder is also a polishing agent and rust inhibitor for glass and paper in the light industry, and a raw material for making pencils, inks, inks and synthetic diamonds. With the development of modern science, technology and industry, the application field of graphite is still expanding, and it has become an important raw material for new composite materials in the high-tech field.

Our company get China license of exporting graphite goods . Welcome to contact with us .

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Graphite rings

(many kinds)

image1 Graphite Crucible  image2
Graphite tubes/bars image3 Graphite molds  image4
Graphite roller image5 Graphite sheet  image6
Graphite hard felt  image7 Graphite soft felt  image8
Graphite rope  image9 Graphite paper  image10
Graphite powder  image11 Graphite liquid  image12
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Export license  image13
Package  image14


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