High precision Laser perforation for glass and plastic

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Hole diameters: 1~30μm,

Applications: vials, ampoules, infusion bags, plastic bottles, etc.

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1. High-power and high-stable UV laser is used to directly ablate the vaporized material, with a μm-level heat-affected zone and a minimum processing spot of 5μm.

2. The beam shift is controlled at high speed and high precision by the precision galvanometer to realize high-speed precision etching of small format.

3. The precise positioning and processing of high-precision micro-holes is realized by the translation of the high-precision translation stage;

4. The Z-axis is electrically adjustable for precise focusing to meet the processing requirements of materials with different thicknesses.

5. The high-precision focusing of the rangefinder high-resolution industrial camera ensures the long-term stability and accuracy of the system.

6. The system adopts marble countertops to improve the overall stability of the system, and all mechanical components are carefully selected to ensure long-term accuracy.

7. It can be used to process metals, ceramics, organics, glass and other materials to achieve etching, blind holes, through holes, slotting, cutting, etc.

8. The minimum processing line width is less than 5μm.

Application range:

Semiconductor flexible circuit board cutting, ITO film etching, microelectronic device manufacturing, printing template preparation, biochip preparation, precision micro

Mold forming

Items Parameter FM-UVD5 FM-UVSD5 FM-UPVD12
Laser wave 355nm 355nm 355nm
Power 5W@30kHz 5W@30kHz 12W@100kHz
modulating frequency 1~200kHz 1~200kHz 1~2000kHz
Pulse width 20ns@30kHz 20ns@30kHz 7ns@100kHz
beam quality  <1.3 <1.3 <1.3
Galvo Scan area <50*50mm <50*50mm <50*50mm
Repeatability accuracy <1um <1um <1um
Scan speed ≤3m/s ≤3m/s ≤3m/s
Positioning speed ≤6m/s ≤6m/s ≤6m/s
X Y tables Travel 300*300mm 300*300mm
Repeatability accuracy ≤±5um ≤±1um
Positioning accuracy ≤±25um ≤±3um
Z axis Travel 50mm 50mm 50mm
Repeatability accuracy ≤±3um ≤±3um ≤±3um
Positioning accuracy ≤±15um ≤±15um ≤±15um

CCD monitoring positioning

Camera five-megapixel five-megapixel five-megapixel
Optical magnification 8X 8X 8X
Processing Minimum spot 5um 5um 5um
Hole processing accuracy ±5um ±5um ±5um
Repeatability accuracy ≤±2um ≤±2um ≤±2um
Available materials for procesing Glass metal , 有机物等
Application Pipe bottle ok good good
die bottle ok good good
Plastic bottle not good ok good
Soft bags No available ok good
Coolant system Water coolant (1500W cooling capacity )
Power supply 220V, 50~60HZ, 1 phase or customized
Measure(mm) 1500*1000*1800 1600*1300*1800
Weight(KG) 1500 2000
Microscopic measurement finishing of processed samples  pro2 pro3

Note: Constant temperature (25±0.5℃), obtained after preheating for 30 minutes

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